We don't just have a nice selection of mattresses, we have a Body Profiling System! Get the perfect fit! Given the importance of a good night's sleep, we chose to incorporate a Kingsdown Body Profiling System in both our locations! You can test them and literally be "fitted" for the one that's right for you! When you lie down, the Body Profiling System takes height and weight distribution measurements and makes a recommendation for which mattress will work best!

Intelligent or Smart Mattresses

Kingsdown is the only mattress maker that tests every mattress they make for exceptional quality and accurate support. They are constantly advancing smart sleep technology, leveraging their database of more than 9 million body profiles to design smarter mattresses that provide optimal spinal health, body alignment, and better sleep.


Motion Mattresses and Motion Bases

Today's mattress bases have many motion settings. Not only can you adjust your head up or down, feet up or down, you can even get a massage!  You can even get a nightlight with the base, which helps you navigate your way around at night without falling or tripping over your shoes!

"Gel" Mattresses

Gel infused foams and fibers provide pressure relief while dissipating heat, to promote cooler, more refreshing sleep. Gel-infused mattresses are reportedly cooler to sleep on because they enhance air circulation,  which allows body heat to escape rather than trapping it inside the mattress.

Tommie Copper Mattresses, too! 

Fabrics and materials that are copper infused are believed to have natural health benefits.