outdoor table and chairs, with firepit feature in table

When the weather's nice, regardless of the season, we want to get outdoors! Beautiful outdoor furniture can truly help us relax and enjoy our weekends with friends, or just relaxing in the peace and quiet. Outdoor furnishings are available in durable materials, made to withstand extreme temperatures and weather conditions. Cushions and pillows are also made in weather resistant fabrics, and can really add some flair as well as comfort.

Fire Pits

Fire pits have come a long way. We have traditional wood burning fire pits and we also have outdoor dining tables featuring a fire element, like the one shown above. 


Outdoor Furniture Made From Recycled Plastic

Just as beautiful beside a pool or a fire pit. Strong and durable. Perfect for any outdoor setting. The variety of furniture now available in recycled plastic is almost limitless! You can combine colors as well for a more custom look.

Who would have thought recycled milk jugs could be so versatile! Each piece of furniture keeps 400 jugs out of landfills!


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Universal  (Paula Deen Home)